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Who We are?

Recognized as the foremost immigration consultants in western India, Rao Consultants have been helping professionals and students immigrate across the world. We have provided immigration and non-immigration visa assistance to thousands of individuals, helping them migrate or work in different countries.Our director is a Canadian Government approved ICRC member and also a member of The American bar Association making us the genuine partners to your dream abroad, it goes unsaid BEWARE of the fake agents!

We are with you at every step – From the right applications to post-landing services!

Rao Consultants is a name synonymous with quality service and guidance in western India. Well-informed and updated with the latest industry information, operating with a world-class infrastructure along with an advanced and upgraded guidance procedure on resettlement services, Rao Consultants’ services are elaborate and comprehensive. Not only that, we also provide a host of auxiliary services like air-ticketing, health and travel insurance as well as foreign exchange services. Post-landing services round of the entire package with airport pickups, accommodation and job assistance services.

Contact Rao Consultants Pvt. Ltd. for information on immigration and non-immigration visa and other services. Have a word: Call on (+91) 79 30 444 444 between 10:00 am to 7:00 pm or email at frontdesk@raoconsultants.com

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About Rao Group Of Companies

Coming from humble beginnings, today The Rao Group of Companies has served over 1,00,000 clients and stands as a symbol of trust and reliability. Having firm roots in Ahmedabad, the commercial and economic hub of Gujarat, we hold a strong market presence in the Foreign Education Consulting Industry in the entire Western India. This has been made possible through over a decade of dedicated quality professional services to our clients who aspire to study or settle abroad. 

The seeds of inception for the venture were sowed by Mrs. Urmila Rao. She nurtured the dream to help others achieve a better life, with great zeal and effort. When her son, Mr. Amit Rao returned from the UK after acquiring his higher education, he too joined in his mother's efforts with vigour and together they turned a fledgling enterprise into a force to be reckoned with. 

The Rao Group of Companies has the following brands under its aegis:

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Awards & Accreditations

  • Member of American Bar Association
  • A Canadian Government approved ICCRC member (R514336)


After visa refusal I was worried initially, but after receiving proper attention & guidance from Rao advisor, I was assured that we were at right place and our work will be given proper justice. All the hard work of Rao and its advisor helped us to get our Canada PR Visa. Highly obliged to Rao ma’am for her cooperation for my ups and downs in the process.
Ms. Shefali D. Mehta Canada PR
The counselor has dealt with my file processing procedure as if she was dealing with her own file. I am very much satisfied with all the process and communication done by the counselor.
Mr. Nilesh Shukla Canada PR
It was an overall wonderful experience. The staff behaved nicely and gave good guidance and managed everything well. The coordination was nice and the counselor explained the Canada PR procedure clearly and was quite supportive, Truly appreciate Rao Consultants!
Mr. Nitesh A. Desai Canada PR
I have been truly satisfied by the overall consultation provided during the entire process of CANADA PR. My best wishes to Rao Consultants!
Mr. Shailesh Maheshkumar Kapadia OPHAM Pharmaceuticals, Country Manager, Madagascar
The service provided by Rao Advisors was absolutely complete and satisfactory. They showed utmost patience while dealing with my doubt and questions and were always ready to discuss all areas and reach a desired conclusion while filing the DS 160 form. Team Rao were highly experienced which I experienced in my case of visa renewal. In summary the services provided were up to my satisfaction.
Pravin kumar R Motorwala USA - Visitor Visa
It was a very good association with Rao consultants for the Past three years; they stayed with me at every stage of my progress. Most importantly, I would be very grateful to the counselling team for rendering a quality and friendly guidance. During the process I had to go through a lot of ups-and-downs for my documentation collection; but I received continuous encouragement which is something to be highlighted. Team Rao is one of the valuable assets to the company. I thank everyone for your wonderful support.
Sujith Sudesan Canada - PR
Most Cooperative and great service provided by Rao. I got all the cooperation from the Rao Advisor. They were supportive and focussed.
Keshavlal Ramanlal Parmar UK - Visitor Visa
I am very happy with service provided by all the advisors. It has been a hassle free experience for me getting my process at Rao’s. The process was swift and rewarding.
Vyas Nitaben Harehsbhai UK - Visitor Visa
All services are fine. It was a good experience, I am very happy, with the information provided by counsellors.
Ashok Kumar Shukla UK - Visitor Visa
It’s a great feeling for me after receiving the best consultancy from Rao. I am happy with them, genuine guidelines and advice provided.
Keval Suresh Chandra patel USA - Immigration Visa
The Couselors was of great help and explained all the things very clearly and in detail. The overall services were very helpful to me getting my visa done.
Alpesh Patel Australia - Business Visa
The Advisors were very helpful in the overall process starting from required documents, preparation and submission of visa application. A great show of patience and positive attitude in all respect by team Rao in helping me; an aged person of 84 years.
Balkrishna Shukla Canada - Super Visa
All services were really good. The staff was very cooperative and highly generous. Got all the guidance about immigration and visa process.
Mahant Mohandas Canada - Visitor Visa
All the services at Rao Consultants were very quick and rapid. Completely satisfied the information provided.
Nimesha Utsav Adesara UK - Tier 2 Dependent Visa
The advisors were remarkable and gave excellent services with all courtesy and good ambiences.
Umesh Desai Australia - Parents Visa
The staffs were very supportive and provide best service. They give good guidance. I am very happy, with the information provided by counsellor. Fully satisfied.
Mahesh Patel Canada - PNP