Denmark is the smallest of the Scandinavian countries and is one of the oldest monarchies with a history that dates back to the Viking Age, around the 1000 B.C. The society and its people rest on the foundation of its constitution and it has been cited among one of the best countries to live in.

Geography and Weather
Denmark is a Nordic country located in northern Europe. Denmark’s coastline is 1,701 km which is dotted with a number of beautiful islands. The country experiences temperate weather where winters are breezy and summers are bright with sunshine.

Capital and City Centers
Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. Other major city centers that are popular landing spots:

  • Arhus
  • Odense
  • Alborg
  • Esbjerg

Danish is the official language of Denmark. Swedish, Norwegian and English are among the other languages spoken.

The Economy
Denmark is small but open and highly geared towards trade with other countries. It maintains strong trade relations with the USA and Japan. It mainly relies on human resources and mineral resources. It has ultra-modern market features, a high-tech agriculture sector and corporate industry. It is also a major exporter of food and has world-leading firms in pharmaceuticals, maritime shipping and renewable energy.

Pastimes and Attractions
The Danish lifestyle has always influenced architecture and artists across the globe. It is equally famous for food, films and sports and possesses a rich culture and artistic heritage. Football is the national sport of Denmark. The Danes promote sports and recreational activities represented in particular by national and local traditions, songs, folk dances and literature.