Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Immigration

Immigration programs are for individuals who wish to apply for studying abroad or wish to migrate to a particular country. Various countries offer immigration programs for foreign students and professionals who wish to migrate to that respective country. Opting for such programs allow you to migrate to these countries that include permanent stay or temporary stay. Options for travel, visit or migration of family member is also possible through these programs.
It is generally a legal document and authorization of entry in any country. One needs to have a work permit/ Visa permit to enter any state/country to meet with the laws of the country. One has to verify his/her identity and validate all the necessary documents needed for authentication. Visa is a document that lets one enter a country without any conflicts for study, work or business.
The top destinations to visit for study, resettlement, business or work related purposes are:
1. Canada
2. Australia
3. USA
4. UK
5. New-Zealand
6. Singapore
One should know which category of visa he/she fall as well as the span of stay. The country applied for immigration has set of visa applications are categorized according to the need of the migrant.
It totally depends on how your procedure is conducted which is why it is said that consulting experts or people who are well-versed with the immigration and visa applications can help greatly. Submission of authentic and validated documents make it easy, any glitches or any information that is not valid or not authorized will increase the period of application and increase chances of failure of application.
The pre-requisites to study abroad are to gain proper knowledge about which country and what course one wishes to pursue. Then comes which test is applicable to gain qualifying knowledge for language skills and competencies – IELTS, PET, GMAT, SAT etc. These tests make you eligible to apply for courses in universities abroad. Preparation of required documents for respective visa will be your next step.