Post – Visa Services

Post – Visa Services

Once you have received your visa there still remain a vast number of other aspects that you have to take care of before proceeding with your immigration. Our priority at Rao Consultants is to ensure that your resettlement process is smooth and happens without any hassle to the client. It is for this purpose that we have a variety of post-visa services for when you reach your desired destination.

Air- ticket
Booking air tickets can be a big problem if it is left for the last moment. As soon as you apply for your visa, we try and work out options for the most cost-effective deal to book your air-tickets. This way we are prepared to have a secure and cost-effective arrangement for your travel by opting for early booking discounts and deals. When migrating to another country there is always a requirement of basic luggage, we provide you a list of the maximum baggage allowed helping you travel with all that you need.

Travel & Health Insurance
We aim to make the immigration goes about in a secure manner and eases the restlessness and anxiety of family members. We have been connected with registered insurance officials and agents who provide authentic insurance options. Medical treatments or any health related issues prove to be very expensive abroad; in that case such insurances become a necessary requirement. Insurance also covers baggage loss if you have insured with the right kind of policy.

Foreign Exchange
Our vertical, Rao Forex, helps you with all your foreign currency transactions. This makes paying your fees or doing transactions in the respective country’s currency of absolute ease. It is important to keep your bank account credited with the specified sum of the respective currency. With our standardized system of foreign exchange all your monetary dealings become easy. This makes transfer and the receiving of money absolutely problem free. At Rao Consultants your convenience is our priority.

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