Foreign going competitive examinations (FGCEs) are usually the first hurdle one needs to overcome in order to achieve their dream of going abroad. Rao Consultants are associated with all the essential accreditation bodies to help provide all our students the best coaching material and updated facilities. A student usually has to clear an FGCE before he or she is eligible to go abroad.

There are a number of such examinations that a student may need to appear for, however, language proficiency examinations are mandatory for both, students and permanent immigrants. In this it is important that the teachers give particular attention to the individual limitations faced by each student. The teachers at Rao Consultants are widely renowned as being the best in Ahmedabad.

We make it a point to stay updated with the changes in examination formats and the teachers are highly focused and dedicated in imparting the highest standards of education. The goal of the teachers is to ensure that the students are not only prepared for the examination, but also ensuring that their linguistic ability improves. We follow the latest teaching methodologies and have the most updated study materials to help our students. Experienced teaching staff, the highest standards of facilities, and regularly updated study material ensures that our students don’t lack for anything in their preparation.

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