FGCE stands for Foreign Going Competitive Examination. For a student to go study abroad they often have to give a series of examinations to prove their language proficiency and, if they are applying for higher studies abroad, eligibility for the course of their choice. There are a number of examination bodies across countries that are set up to test your skills in order to find out if you qualify for immigration. These exams are conducted in order to ensure that the applicant is fit to survive the course they are applying for and make the most of their stay in the foreign country.

These tests are usually mandatory for an individual to immigrate to a foreign country. These tests check if the individual qualifies the mandated parameters for immigration for the country they are hoping to go to.

The examination bodies of all the FGCEs have exam centres situated all over the world. The applicant can choose the centre they want to appear for the examination at. These tests can be internet based, computer based or even paper based depending upon the FGCE you are appearing for.

Yes, we have comprehensive courses on English and French running at our classes for interested students.

We provide the examination authority approved material at all stages to our students. We also have accredited faculty who create customized material for students. There is separate material that is also provided to students during the classroom exercises and before the examination. We believe that thorough practice is crucial to success and help the students with all the material they require for practice.

We believe in providing our students with all possible facilities to better their learning experience. To facilitate their education and preparation we provide the following facilities:

  • A fully stocked library (10 am to 7pm)
  • Hi-tech reading labs
  • Practices papers from previously conducted FGCEs
  • Through-the-day problem solving opportunities
  • Comprehensive counselling
  • Highly experienced and accredited staff and faculty

Yes, Rao Consultants offers crash courses for all type of FGCEs. These crash courses are of a fixed duration and provide students an opportunity to brush up on areas they feel they might be lacking in. The span of these courses usually last for about 1.5 months.

Yes, Rao Consultants are authorized by IDP Application Centre.

Rao Consultants have been in the field of FGCE coaching since 2002. We have, over time, become the undisputed leader in this field and our results speak for us.

Students may not need a passport to train for the examination but they definitely need a passport to appear for the FGCE.

Students who are hoping to enrol with Rao Consultants can visit our coaching centres at Maninagar, University Road and Shilaj or call us on 079 67444444

We have an expert team of counsellors and support staff that help students book a suitable date for their examination. We help our students through every step of the procedure and make sure that they face no hassles. In case the student does not have a passport we help them obtain their passports as well before they appear for the tests.

The main thing that differentiates us from other coaching institutes is our methodology and the values we embody. We pride ourselves in providing the highest standards of teaching with expert advice at each stage of the student’s process. We pride ourselves in our highly qualified teachers and support staff who are always there to help students. Rao Consultants was awarded as the Best IELTS Partner in West India for three consecutive years. Suffice it to say that we have set teaching benchmarks others institutes hope to follow.

This entirely depends on the country(s) you are applying to as each has its own format of selection. It is also dependent on whether you are planning on immigrating or planning to study abroad. For more details visit our centre or call us on 079 67444444.

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