We make it a point of pride to provide the highest quality of coaching to our students. As education-providers we know that it is not just the quality of education that makes the difference here. The students need to be inspired to study, they need to feel the urge to practice, to spend time at the facilities where they are studying. Students need a comfortable library, a free environment, regular testing systems and activities that encourage learning while also being equally fun. This combination of rigorous training, comfort and a relaxed learning environment make sure that the students stay interested and perform better in their exams as a result.

We want to make sure that the students give their bests in the FGCEs they are appearing for, which is why we provide them with:

Full-Time Faculty – A doubt can occur at any time when the student is practicing. For this reason the faculty are available at the offices through the day for students to come and clear their doubts.

Daily Lectures – Students have the most amount of retention if they have regular training. This is exactly why we provide daily lectures to our students to ensure that they have maximum amount of practice in all the modules during the three months of coaching.

Study Material – The students are provided with detailed material regarding the module they are studying on a regular basis. The material is updated and in keeping with the changes and norms of the testing authority to ensure that the preparation of the students is always on track. The material is prepared by our qualified and accredited in-house faculty after intensive research in order to provide students the best chance to score big at the exam.

Additional Support Batch – Students that need to polish their Basic English and grammatical skills are provided with the opportunity to attend additional support batches. This gives the student a chance to get on equal footing with other students and score well on their tests.

Library – We have a very well-stocked library that gives the students the drive and liberty to practice for long hours. The library is kept open for students through all the working hours of the company in order to maximize the number of hours a student can practice.

Mock Tests – There are a range of daily test series that enable a student to know their strength and weaknesses and help draw their attention to where they need to improve. It works as a great means of aiding the faculty in helping the student strengthen the areas where they are lagging. Moreover, these tests prepare students to get used to the exam format so that the final exam doesn’t come as a surprise.

Special Batches – We understand that there are many who may not be able to attend classes during the day due to other commitments, office, etc. For this reason we have special grammar and IELTS batches from 7pm to 9pm for working professionals and housewives who want to give their best in the FGCE of their choice.

Happy Learning Experience – We believe that knowledge is not just imparted in the lecture hall, it can come to a receptive student through a variety of means. Be it movies, books, newspapers, or any other media, we use a multitude of media to better the student’s understanding of the language. We use movies, music and other media to help the student’s understanding and grasp of the language and various accents that they may encounter. This makes a great break from the rote of the classroom and provides students a happy learning experience.

Same Faculty – A student can face a lot of problems in assimilating knowledge if the teaching methods keep changing. It can seriously impact his grasp of the subject and consequently his results. To avoid this we have the same faculty for each particular batch. The consistency of faculties across batches ensures that the teachers in question can keep track of the student’s progress and where they may need extra support.

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