It has always been a priority for students in India to find the best possible education for themselves. Finding the right foreign education is a top priority among aspiring students. Not too many foreign education consultants provide the length and breadth of services that the Rao Consultants provides. The group provides consultancy services for countries like USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Poland, Singapore, France, Ireland, and many more. We are associated with a number of highly reputed universities, colleges and private education institutes in these countries. This helps us provide aspiring students.

Choosing the perfect country, course and university

It is crucial to identify the best possible course depending upon your credentials and aptitude. Our experienced team of counsellors are trained to help you with this process to make sure you do not get confused at any step. This is followed by choosing the right country which meets your expectations and provides sufficient prospects for the course of your choice. Following the choice of your country it is essential to shortlist universities that provide the course you are looking for. This involves keeping in mind a variety of considerations like faculty, university standing and ranking, placement prospects, among a variety of others.

Preparing essential documents

The application to these colleges requires a long list of documents that needs to be prepared. There needs to be special attention given to each of these documents to ensure that they are flawless. Our team helps you collect all the necessary material and assists you in aligning it as required. Having even a single document missing, or not filled right, may be the cause of your application being rejected. We, at Rao Overseas Consultancy, are all about ensuring that all your essential documents are perfectly in order for a smooth application procedure.


Examinations like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE and GMAT are crucial to obtain an admission in the college or university you desire. Over and above some of the best English language coaching in Ahmedabad, we pride ourselves in providing some outstanding French language coaching as well. Proficiency in languages is crucial to your education applications around the world. Getting a good score in these relevant examinations can make or break your application.

Submitting Visa Application

Once the aforementioned processes have been concluded the next important step is putting in your visa application. Little things may cost you a great deal when making your visa application. There can be a variety of reasons why your case may be rejected or put on hold. Our experienced counsellors are constantly updated with the latest protocols and procedures. This ensures that you are not too caught up in a mire of paper pushing and regulations and leave that to our professionals. We will leave nothing to chance and ensure a thorough application for you.

Visa Interview

This is the final frontier of the entire process. Visa interviews are a highly tricky part of your application and need to be navigated with caution. With decades of experience in this field, we are well aware all the dos and don’ts associated with the interview process. We help you craft and prepare a host of prospective questions that you may be faced with during the interview. We work to familiarise you with the areas interviewers usually test you on.

Ancillary Services

Over and above providing all the above mentioned services, the Rao Consultants also provides a thorough briefing before flying off to your desired destination. There are a number of things one must remember and understand before flying to a new country. Everything from the culture and customs of the country to the norms that need to be followed in terms of the college one is attending, are explained to the students. We provide students a complete information package which ensures that they are not hampered too much by the culture shock that they might encounter.

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