Along with this, we equip our clients with high quality post-visa services. Right from ensuring that your flights are booked to making sure you have the best health and travel insurance, we make sure you are best equipped for this pivotal journey of your life. Our clients can also use the facilities of Rao Forex to get their currency changed. The process is completely stutter free and the transfer is incredibly easy.

Landing in a strange country without any support can be daunting. For this reason we provide our clients airport pickups, accommodation facilities as well as assistance in helping them find a job. These ancillary services exemplify the Rao Consultants’s dedication towards giving clients the highest standards of services.

It is taking care of these little things that usually ensures that your move is as smooth as possible. These post-visa and post-landing services play a huge role in helping immigrating individuals and families to find their footing in a strange new land.

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