A cornerstone of Rao Consultants is to ensure that its policies for growth are sustainable and provide equal opportunities for all. It is a focus on these that has ensured that the company continues to grow with leaps and bounds. We have laid down our company’s values and ethics policy in no uncertain words. This serves as the template for the conduct of the company and its many employees. It is instrumental in guiding the company in the right direction and serves as the moral compass for a rapidly growing brand.

Maintaining Social Balances

We follow and equal opportunity policy for all our positions. We provide a safe working environment and work in tune with all the necessary safety guidelines. We make it a point to create an atmosphere where loyalty is rewarded and initiative is celebrated. We take the growth of our employees seriously and encourage their growth in tandem with the company. We coexist with our neighbours harmoniously, co-operating and supporting their initiatives dealing with crime, pollution and employee growth.

We strongly believe that economic growth and stability can be achieved through environmentally friendly practices and encourage the same. We make it a point to never compromise on our ethical practices when conducting business and hold our clients and employees to the same standards. Our vendor payments are prompt and unflinchingly follow all taxation norms imposed by the honourable government.

Environmental concerns are addressed at every level of the brand and its management. We use CFL lamps on our campus to minimize electricity consumption. We endeavour to minimize the use of paper and encourage digital communication in most of our business. We try and minimize our waste and recycle whenever possible. Our packaging solutions are efficient and create a minimal carbon footprint. We use only FSC standard papers for our printing needs, thus ensuring a sustainable paper consumption for the brand. Moreover, we committedly follow all environmental guidelines of the companies and countries we work with. Every employee of the brand knows these details and strives to follow them at every step.

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