It is going to take a lot more than just sending a few emails and applying to random companies on job portals to secure your dream job. You need to be strategic in endorsing your working profile a little to increase your market value. It takes patience and intelligence to land the perfect opportunity.

Let’s face it, the degree of success you achieve in your job search largely depends on how well you market yourself and set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd.

These workshops are designed with the help of industry experts in the relevant fields with the objective to make your job search efficient and smart.

Benefits of the Workshop

  • Create job opportunities for you before your big move to Canada
  • You imbibe professional skills that match Canada’s professional standards
  • Develop your online personality and improving your resume to impress your future employers
  • You become an expert in connecting with professionals to find and secure work opportunities
    via LinkedIn
  • You learn about the Canadian work culture and add to your understanding on how to ace at
  • Learning about the skills of communication and emotional intelligence
  • Connecting with professionals and experts with the same field of interest as yours
  • A promising career in Canada

Workshop Modules

1. Moving to Canada

Job Search Simplified! Many newcomers are surprised at how hard it can be to find work in their profession when they first arrive in Canada.

2. Become a LinkedIn Pro

A survey says, there are more than twice as many job openings on Linkedln alone than on the Canadian Job Bank, or any other job portal.

3. Redefine your persona

Knowing that someone has the experience and skills to be successful in a job is paramount. Research, however, says when two candidates have

4. Crack Job Interviews

The day is here. You found an awesome job, applied, and got a call from an employer who wants to meet you. Well done!

5. Interview Skills One-on-One Session

Our Interview Skills program is split over two sessions. The first session is a classroom session.We have designed an interactive workshop

6. LinkedIn One-on-One Session

Our dedicated Linkedln Coach will empower you to prepare a dynamic Linkedln profile during your one on one session. A tailor-made solution