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Meet Our FOUNDER and CEO

In the heart of India, a dreamer and a visionary, Mrs. Urmila Rao, embarked on a remarkable journey. Born into modest beginnings, she understood the value of education and the obstacles many face in pursuing it abroad. Her passion for learning and commitment to unwavering ethics and uncompromising quality ignited the creation of Rao Consultants in 2002.

Urmila’s dream was simple yet profound: to make the world smaller for students and professionals aspiring to broaden their horizons. With her family’s unwavering support and her son Amit Rao joining the cause, Rao Consultants became a global force.

Under Mrs. Rao’s leadership today, Rao Consultants represents some of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions. It has counselled over 1 lakh students, offering a comprehensive range of services. What began as a single step has become an incredible journey of success, with a global presence and a team of dedicated professionals.

Mrs. Urmila Rao’s story is a testament to the power of determination, the pursuit of excellence, and the belief that dreams can become a reality. Her legacy inspires us, reminding us that we can overcome any obstacle with vision and unwavering dedication and profoundly impact the world.

Mrs Urmila Rao - The Visionary Leader

Founder & CEO

Meet Our Director

At Rao Consultants, our young and dynamic Director embodies the spirit of innovation and adaptability. He has driven our company’s growth and evolution with a vision to be the best in the industry while upholding ethical standards.

His leadership has nurtured a culture of greatness, both professionally and personally, within our team. Under his guidance, we’ve embraced change as a constant, staying proactive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Our Director’s pragmatic approach and commitment to transparency ensure that Rao Consultants provides international service standards. His dedication, coupled with the collective effort of our team, has made us a preferred choice in foreign education, immigration, and ancillary services.

With a united team and a forward-facing approach, our Director has set Rao Consultants on a path of continued success, always aiming due north.

Amit Rao - The Global Perspective



Mrs. Urmila Rao

Founder & Director

Amit Rao


Sajid Teli

Chief Executive Officer

Hemant Kanojiya

Chief Finance Officer

Lovely Doshi

Chief Operating Officer, Hue Marcom

Arpana Bais

Chief General Officer

Amit Kasliwal

Marketing Head

Ami Shah

Rajendrasinh Gusai

Interim Sales Head

Nitin Pathak

Operations Head

Krunal Bhavsar

Head of Business Development

Nayan Panchal

Head of Branding & Communications

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