The dream job, you were waiting for!

Rao Consultants caters to a wide range of customers through a wide range of services under different businesses and is always looking for people who have a zest for acquiring knowledge and sharing it with others. We are a company for whom the employees are an asset, whom we preserve. We assure you the fact that, working with us will make you become an achiever in life. And, we mean that! Our efforts have always been to give the best possible services to our employees, be it highly furnished offices, state-of-the-art facilities, self-development opportunities etc.

Our company is always looking for professionals who are willing to make that extra effort in satisfying the clients. Remember, we are here to help the clients. If you are looking for a career which changes your perspective towards life then it is with us. Never worry about the pay scales for the employees are paid handsomely with a lot of added benefits.

You will get various job openings at Rao Consultants. And, as we grow day and night these openings become more frequent. From front desk to Mulberry Bayswater back office, counseling to coordinating or even if you like working in the field, you may apply for marketing jobs here. All you have to do is to ask our front desk to provide you an application form, just fill it up, and along with your CV hand it over back to them. As soon as the opening comes for the job of your interest, you will be called for an interview or to obtain an application form please mail to [email protected] or can call on 7573001544

Remember at Rao, you do not work for us but work with us!

Counsellor - Immigration

Job Description :

  • Provide detailed counseling to the walk-in clients regarding Canada, Australia, U.K., USA etc.  Skilled & Business immigration programs.
  • Handling telephonic inquiries on daily basis and providing telephonic counseling to the clients.
  • Responsible for Sales Revenue & Registration numbers
  • Responsible for Sales conversion ratio towards inquires and registrations.
  • Adapt easily to new challenges, new programs & new policies.
  • Researching & tracking official immigration websites on a daily basis.
  • To stay updated and organise trainings for immigration programs and implementing them into counseling.
  • Providing best counselling possible while focusing and improving upon customer satisfaction.
  • Taking strong sales telephonic follow-ups on daily basis.
  • Sending emails to the clients on regular basis.

Visa Processing Officer - Immigration

Job Description :

Meeting client

  • New Registrations(1st meeting)
  • Register clients for their work
  • Create separate sheets for checking
  • File checking
  • Create a declaration once the file is ready to submit
  • Questionnaire after the file is submitted
  • Got Visa Clients when visa stamping is ready


      • Case sheet preparation
      • Creating separate tracking sheet
      • Conducting the discussion for finalizing the NOC
      • Checking the folder
      • Creating the online application and uploading the same


      • Managing embassy queries/ Ineligibility received and conducting discussions with options
      • Preparing embassy query solutions
      • Preparing clarifications
      • Send query


      • Maintaining Master Sheet Maintaining
      • Maintaining Eligibility Sheet
      • Email/Call follow ups


      • Follow up by Email as per process
      • Calling the Client as per process

    Back Office - Immigration

    Job Description

      • Create sample folder once the client is allocated with 1 day of registration  
      • Follow-up for documents with adviser for education documents to process ECA application with 1 week of registration   
      • Do regular follow up for pending documents to advisers  
      • Arrange sample folder once documents are received and prepare pending document list, separate sheet for education, experience and address with in 1 or 2 days after receiving documents   
      • Fill up all forms for PNP or any other type of application and approve the same from Advisor  
      • Scan the paper application of any PNP and save it in folder  
      • New Passport Application form and appointment date  
      • Police certificate application form and appointment date  
      • Medical appointment to be taken on behalf of client  
      • Bio-metric appointment to be taken on behalf of client 

        Counsellor - Student Visa

        Job Description :

        • Taking inquiries for allotted countries and following up with them
        • Process the applications and take regular follow-ups.
        • Make couriers for application packages.
        • Research universities about various courses & stay updated on the same.
        • SOP preparation requests and follow-ups.
        • Maintenance of registration trackers and checking of admission tracker regularly along with the support of back-end staff.
        • Follow up with students for balance fees.
        • Carry out the registration process.
        • Collect the necessary documents of the clients after the registration.
        • Finalize the universities and the courses that are relevant as per their existing qualifications.

        Tele Caller - Marketing

        Job Description :

        • Making sales follow ups calls on daily basis. [Approx 100 to 120 calls] 
        • Responsible for convincing clients over the telephone for Repeat inquiries as well as for making payment for Sales & Registrations process. 
        • Responsible for walk-ins turn out from Telephonic inquiries. 
        • Maintain client’s data on specific formats.
        • Co-operation & Co- ordinations with the Counsellors. 
        • Observation & focusing on Client’s satisfaction. 
        • Helping hand for counsellors towards Sales – Registrations. 
        • Focusing on strong sales follow ups. 
        • Making & receiving telephonic calls, sending SMS and sending emails to the clients on daily basis. 

        Counsellor - Non- Immigration

        Job Description

        • Counselling Clients for Non-Immigration Visa
        • Registration process
        • File preparations
        • Co-ordination with Manager for file checking
        • File submission

        Front Desk Executive - Client Servicing

        Job Description

        1. Attending incoming calls 
        2. Attending walk in students / clients and provide them the course brief as per their requirement. And handling over clients to counsellors 
        3. Guiding students for exams date as well as required documents and forward them to back office. 
        4. Helping students for Batch, leave, branch change form application 
        5. Doing new students introduction between students and faculty 
        6. CRM , OC tool, IMS entry, inquiry form entry, Filing 
        7. Weekly test paper distribution   
        8. Take registration when needed, scan & mail to H.O. 
        9. Students I card preparation work & provide them. 
        10. IELTS score card calling & Maintain sheet /register. 
        11. When needed Take assessment test register students 
          1. Show assessment test results to morning batch students 
        12. When needed Score card given to student work 
        13. To check office cleaning part also 
        14. Help Centre Head to prepare other reports and work  
        15. Send mail to thank you for Inquiry & registration  
        16. Maintain library dockets & provide to student. 
        17. Maintain  all register
        • ID card 
        • Book register 
        • Library register 
        • Bag register 
        • Stationary excel 
        • Early going register 
        • Speaking topic register 

          Pre Visa Executive - Auxiliary

          Job Description

            • To approach new Banks as per Country requirements
            • To maintain eligibility sheet of approving loan of all current bank, we are dealing with. Get their list.
            • Check Loan required form, from Visa department, and must fill the prescribed form based on Education and Financial details
            • To decide which bank to apply for loan.
            • Meet all registered client and get common documents list form filled.
            • To maintain register
            • Fill form of Bank as per Bank’s requirement.

              Advisor - Immigration

              Job Description

                Meeting client

                • New Registrations(1st meeting)
                • Register clients for their work
                • Create separate sheets for checking
                • File checking
                • Create a declaration once the file is ready to submit
                • Questionnaire after the file is submitted
                • Got Visa Clients when visa stamping is ready

                FILE PREPARATION

                    • Case sheet preparation
                    • Creating separate tracking sheet
                    • Conducting the discussion for finalizing the NOC
                    • Checking the folder
                    • Creating the online application and uploading the same


                    • Managing embassy queries/ Ineligibility received and conducting discussions with options
                    • Preparing embassy query solutions
                    • Preparing clarifications
                    • Send query

                  SHEETS OF CLIENT’S DATA

                  • Maintaining Master Sheet Maintaining
                  • Maintaining Eligibility Sheet
                  • Email/Call follow ups

                    Advisor - Non-Immigration

                    Job Description

                      • Counselling Clients for Non-Immigration Visa 
                      • Registration process 
                      • File preparations 
                      • Co-ordination with Manager for file checking 
                      • File submission 

                        Company Secretary - Finance & Accounts

                        Job Description

                          • Ensuring Compliances of Companies Act 
                          • Maintaining all statutory registers, records to be kept by the company. 
                          • Obtaining, maintaining and renewing statutory licenses, permits sanctions etc. to be obtained, maintained and renewed by the company from time to time. 
                          • Interacting with all statutory offices. 
                          • Submitting all statutory reports to all statutory offices from time to time. 
                          • Advising the company on implications of any law to the extent applicable to the company from time to time. 
                          • Expert knowledge of Company Law, RBI Regulations & Guidelines and other related Corporate Laws. 
                          • Drafting, vetting and finalizing of MOA, MOU, JV Agreements and other related agreements of commercial nature in accordance with compliance of Indian laws and International laws. 
                          • Para Letal and Surveillance 

                            Sales & Marketing Manager - Hue

                            Job Description

                              • Effective communication skills and superlative fluency in English Language
                              • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
                              • Proficiency in all Microsoft office/office 365 applications
                              • Excellent analytical, problem-solving and management skills.
                              • Proficiency/any experience in operating any crm software
                              • Exceptional negotiation and decision-making skills.
                              • Strong business acumen
                              • Detail – Oriented

                                Social Media Executive - Hue

                                Job Description

                                  Responsible for generating sales, distribution networks, and performance of the zone.

                                  • Owning the entire sales cycle, from prospecting to closure.
                                  • Developing skills to handle sales calls and counselling.
                                  • Following up with all the leads and prospects.
                                  • Diligently communicating with the lead through channels like email, Linked In,WhatsApp, SMS, calls.
                                  • Achieving the daily/ weekly/ monthly targets in a high pressure performance driven competitive environment.
                                  • Monitoring self-performance at all times while also contributing to the team performance.
                                  • Keep track of factors like sales conversion, Average revenue generated per sale, etc.
                                  • Adhering to and implementing company policies and procedures.
                                  • Coordinate with other teams for the interdepartmental communication.
                                  • Managing and executing marketing inhouse/ outdoor events.
                                  • Take call backs in case the customer is busy and ensure the follow up is done on time
                                  • Responsible for quality communication and customer servicing within laid down productivity and service benchmarks.
                                  • The ideal candidate is a team player who will be responsible for working with company data in various business areas.
                                  • Specific responsibilities include reporting metrics, analyzing methodologies, suggesting operation improvements, and building proposal evaluations in a cross-functional environment.
                                  • Executing marketing communications campaigns that provides publicity, promotions to enhance the brand image, increase brand value and increase awareness.
                                  • Co-ordination with store and Logistics to maintain marketing collateral items flow into market.
                                  • Prepare marketing reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing sales data
                                  • Executing Event Planning, Event coordination and Event Management.

                                    Sales Head - GPP

                                    Job Description

                                      • Generating client leads to buy & sell, a property
                                      • Negotiations with Clients.
                                      • Responding to Clients questions on contracts, negotiations, strategies, and goal planning
                                      • Showing properties to potential buyers and renters
                                      • Preparing loyalty contracts, purchasing agreements, rental agreements, deeds, and other documents for each real estate transaction
                                      • Meeting with clients and maintaining client relationships
                                      • Tracking, collecting, and interpreting sales figures and reporting
                                      • Staying informed on real estate industry
                                      • Controlling expenses and monitoring budgets.

                                        Finance Executive - Finance & Accounts

                                        Job Description

                                          • Good conceptual knowledge of accounts like accounting entries, accounting policy & standards.
                                          • Sound knowledge in area of TDS, GST and Income tax returns and working knowledge of same.
                                          • Able to handle books of account finalization and audit of the same.
                                          • Working experience in Tally ERP9 
                                          • Good knowledge of MS office, specially excel.
                                          • Good communication skill- Written and Verbal
                                          • Capability of multi-tasking

                                            IT Executive - IT

                                            Job Description

                                              • System Administration: All companies under Rao Consultants, and residential
                                              • Administering each computer system. Managing all hardware components. Making sure each computer runs smoothly and properly. 

                                              •  Managing IT stock. 

                                              •  Making sure LAN and internet connections are always up and running. 

                                              •  To make sure employee data is backed up regularly and recovered in case of data loss. 

                                              •  Configuring and managing email clients (outlook), IDs, signatures, data files etc. 

                                              •  Solve any IT complaint/problem arising & also make sure IT operations are smooth. 

                                              •  Making sure there is minimum downtime related to IT. 

                                              •  Making sure company operations are not affected by any situation arising. 

                                              •  Guiding company in any IT related query or decision making. 

                                              •  Solving day to day queries of employees. Helping them out with different tasks. (IT/Non-IT) 

                                              •  Working towards making IT operations better leading to overall performance enhancement of the company. 

                                              •  CCTV, EPBX. Attendance.  

                                              •  Any other work assigned by management. 

                                                IT Surveillance - IT

                                                Job Description

                                                    • Login all locations camera
                                                    • Observe one by one each and every camera
                                                    • Regularly check recordings for each location
                                                    • If found any observation, click the screenshot
                                                    • Inform to concerned manager for immediate action
                                                    • EOD prepare report for cctv observation

                                                      Marketing Executive - GPP

                                                      Job Description

                                                          • Know your customers first before engaging them with your brand. 
                                                          • Check the Client details and various platforms. 
                                                          • Call to all the client’s data collected through the offline medium. (Includes cold calling on data provided ) 
                                                          • Call to the client’s data collected through online promotion and understand their interests/requirements. 
                                                          • Collect the client details and requirements and maintain them in MS Excel sheets. 
                                                          • Share GPP details and communication material with the client through Mail, whatsapp, chat etc. 
                                                          • Follow them and check their interest post sharing communication material. 
                                                          • Communicate / Reach out to prospects and forward them to the sales team for the further sales process. 
                                                          • Arrange/Manage Site visits and office appointments with/for the sales team.  
                                                          • Manage and reply all the leads generated through the social media channels of a company, including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. in terms of chat, messages, likes, and comments.  
                                                          • Reply to all the clients with proper communication. 
                                                          • Share the news/ developments and updates about the project to all previously inquired clients.
                                                          • Engage customers and provide all necessary information to gain customer satisfaction through messages and chat
                                                          • Emailing and WhatsApp for leads, interested and new data on regular basis. 
                                                          • Engaging and nurturing the client for more details and meeting with the Sales team. 

                                                            Faculty IELTS - Coaching

                                                            Job Description

                                                                  •Responsible for delivering 65% of students clearing with minimum 6 bands

                                                                  •Responsible to conduct the allotted regular batch of 5 hrs in total (IELTS, PTE, French, Extra batch, Mock test, Basic lecture, Weekend batch)
                                                                  •Assist students in their free time. (From all batches)
                                                                  •Maintain performance report in the standard format (band wise result)
                                                                  •Responsible to work as suggested by the Academic head and management

                                                                    HR Executive - HR

                                                                    Job Description

                                                                          • Sourcing candidates from various sources.
                                                                          • Screening Profiles as per the business requirements.
                                                                          • Coordination for interview. 
                                                                          • Taking care of New Joiners documentation.

                                                                            Business Development Head - Sales

                                                                            Job Description

                                                                                  • Building solid relationships with Agents, Associates, Sales & Marketing Team and related vendors
                                                                                  • Developing in-depth knowledge of company offerings to identify profitable business opportunities.
                                                                                  • Approaching Agents & Associates all over India for tie-ups.
                                                                                  • Pre Due-Diligence of new tie-ups before submitting to Directors & CFO for final decision over tie-ups
                                                                                  • Submitting tie-up proposals (technical & commercial) for Associates/ Agents/ Sales Outlet to Directors & CFO for decision making
                                                                                  • Market Analysis and suggesting marketing team for the marketing strategies
                                                                                  • Market Analysis and arranging seminars/webinars through the SMEs
                                                                                  • Promoting premium services of Rao Group to the premium clients like Doctors, CAs, Directors or any other higher position holders in any organisation, Government officials etc.
                                                                                  • Generating potential leads and submitting it to Sales & Marketing department for further actions
                                                                                  • Managing team of BD, assigning work to them and taking reports on regular basis
                                                                                  • Additional responsibilities as assigned by management from time to time

                                                                                    Technology Head - IT

                                                                                    Job Description

                                                                                          • Proper Implementation and usage of current CRM software
                                                                                          • Taking inputs from department owners and communicating with the developing team(company) for customizations/developments of current CRM
                                                                                          • Proposing for the new technologies in current CRM e.g. Android/ iOS Apps, User interface for Clients, Communication through CRM etc.
                                                                                          • Developing and effective utilisation of other softwards of organisation like – ECA Tool, Course Finder, Hue Scape etc.
                                                                                          • Preparing training modules for all the softwares in organisation
                                                                                          • Imparting training of all softwares to related teams
                                                                                          • Key person and visualisor in developing a comprehensive ERP system for organisation
                                                                                          • Keeping track on the technological developments in the market and bringing in new technologies in the organisation
                                                                                          • Key person and visualisor in developing a comprehensive ERP/MRP/Project Tracker system for Green Panther Properties
                                                                                          • Additional responsibilities as assigned by management from time to time