The dream job, you were waiting for!

Rao Consultants caters to a wide range of customers through a wide range of services under different businesses and is always looking for people who have a zest for acquiring knowledge and sharing it with others. We are a company for whom the employees are an asset, whom we preserve. We assure you the fact that, working with us will make you become an achiever in life. And, we mean that! Our efforts have always been to give the best possible services to our employees, be it highly furnished offices, state-of-the-art facilities, self-development opportunities etc.

Our company is always looking for professionals who are willing to make that extra effort in satisfying the clients. Remember, we are here to help the clients. If you are looking for a career which changes your perspective towards life then it is with us. Never worry about the pay scales for the employees are paid handsomely with a lot of added benefits.

You will get various job openings at Rao Consultants. And, as we grow day and night these openings become more frequent. From front desk to Mulberry Bayswater back office, counseling to coordinating or even if you like working in the field, you may apply for marketing jobs here. All you have to do is to ask our front desk to provide you an application form, just fill it up, and along with your CV hand it over back to them. As soon as the opening comes for the job of your interest, you will be called for an interview or to obtain an application form please mail to  [email protected] or can call on 079-30444444

Remember at Rao, you do not work for us but work with us!

Consultant – Foreign Education - Maninagar & University Road Branch

Job Description :

  • Taking inquiries for allotted countries and following up with them
  • Process the applications and take regular follow-ups.
  • Make couriers for application packages.
  • Research universities about various courses & stay updated on the same.
  • SOP preparation requests and follow-ups.
  • Maintenance of registration trackers and checking of admission tracker regularly along with the support of back-end staff.
  • Follow up with students for balance fees.
  • Carry out the registration process.
  • Collect the necessary documents of the clients after the registration.
  • Finalize the universities and the courses that are relevant as per their existing qualifications.

Consultant – Immigration - University Road

Job Description :

  • Provide detailed counseling to the walk-in clients regarding Canada, Australia, U.K., USA etc.  Skilled & Business immigration programs.
  • Handling telephonic inquiries on daily basis and providing telephonic counseling to the clients.
  • Responsible for Sales Revenue & Registration numbers
  • Responsible for Sales conversion ratio towards inquires and registrations.
  • Adapt easily to new challenges, new programs & new policies.
  • Researching & tracking official immigration websites on a daily basis.
  • To stay updated and organise trainings for immigration programs and implementing them into counseling.
  • Providing best counselling possible while focusing and improving upon customer satisfaction.
  • Taking strong sales telephonic follow-ups on daily basis.
  • Sending emails to the clients on regular basis.

Advisor/Visa Process Expert - Immigration - University Road

Job Description :

Meeting client

  • New Registrations(1st meeting)
  • Register clients for their work
  • Create separate sheets for checking
  • File checking
  • Create a declaration once the file is ready to submit
  • Questionnaire after the file is submitted
  • Got Visa Clients when visa stamping is ready


      • Case sheet preparation
      • Creating separate tracking sheet
      • Conducting the discussion for finalizing the NOC
      • Checking the folder
      • Creating the online application and uploading the same


      • Managing embassy queries/ Ineligibility received and conducting discussions with options
      • Preparing embassy query solutions
      • Preparing clarifications
      • Send query


      • Maintaining Master Sheet Maintaining
      • Maintaining Eligibility Sheet
      • Email/Call follow ups


      • Follow up by Email as per process
      • Calling the Client as per process

    Visa Processing Officer - University Road

    Job Description :

    • Preparation of whole visa file 
    • Explain visa process to students at basic level 
    • Co-ordination with students for collecting documents for Visa file

    Sr. Executive - International Recruitment - University Road

    Job Description :

    • Provide Guidance to Client for LinkedIn Profile to became LinkedIn Pro according to predefined service in the package.
    • Provide Workshop session(s) in group/1 to 1 to Registered Client for “How to Find Job in Canada” as per predefined service delivery 
    • Co-Ordinate & Prepare Canadian Style resume of a registered client who avails above mention services
    • Provide guidance to the enrolled client with Keyword String of LinkedIn 
    • Co-Ordinate with advisor (if client obtained Canada PR Services) to finalize their NOC which will increase ratio to get Canada. 
    • Getting regular feedback from clients regarding the said services 
    • Any other work given by Management. 

    Tele Counsellor - University Road

    Job Description :

    • Making sales follow ups calls on daily basis. [Approx 100 to 120 calls] 
    • Responsible for convincing clients over the telephone for Repeat inquiries as well as for making payment for Sales & Registrations process. 
    • Responsible for walk-ins turn out from Telephonic inquiries. 
    • Maintain client’s data on specific formats.
    • Co-operation & Co- ordinations with the Counsellors. 
    • Observation & focusing on Client’s satisfaction. 
    • Helping hand for counsellors towards Sales – Registrations. 
    • Focusing on strong sales follow ups. 
    • Making & receiving telephonic calls, sending SMS and sending emails to the clients on daily basis. 

    Faculty - IELTS

    Job Description :

    • Responsible for delivering 65% of students clearing with minimum 6 bands 
    • Responsible to conduct the allotted regular batch (IELTS, PTE,  Extra batch, Mock test, Basic lecture, Weekend batch) 
    • Assist students in free time. (from all batches) 
    • Maintain performance report in the standard format (band wise result) 
    • Responsible to work as suggested by Academic head and management 

    Counsellor - Coaching (Maninagar)

    Job Description :

    1. Taken IDP / British exam date 
    2. Entries 
    3. Scan/mail inquiry forms & entry in sheet
    4. Take registration, Scan/mail enrolment forms & entry in sheet
    5. Responsible for the target
    6. Take assessment test of all register students
    7.  Show assessment test results to evening batch students
    8. Score card given to student work
    9. Update IELTS exam date booking sheet with enrolment number
    10. New student introduction with faculty work
    11. Help Centre Head to prepare other reports and work

    Visa processing Officer (Non -Immigration)

    Job Description :

    1. Visitor Visa file preparation
    2. Collecting documents from Clients
    3. Submission of applications
    4. Documation knowledge of Visitor/Business/Tourist visa