Foreign Education Consultants In Ahmedabad

Based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Rao Consultants are one of the largest and most well-known foreign education consultants in western India. Solutions here are tailor-made for students. Right from their first counselling session to giving comprehensive pre-departure briefings, there is a no holds barred sense of support for the student. We guide the students towards the best possible college and course options for them depending on their qualifications and abilities.

Top Study Abroad Consultants In Ahmedabad

We want to make sure that the students want for nothing in terms of support and advice in the lead up to achieving their study abroad dreams. Our range of services are a 360 degree package that are designed to help a student right from the get go. We want to make sure that the students focus on courses that are best suited to them and their career goals. Our counsellors make sure they are always available to answer any and every one of the questions posed at them by students.

Missing out on documents or information, or even having unwanted information on your application forms can cost a student their admission. We help students guard against these factors and are hands on in our approach to admission as well as visa applications. Even more so, we are there for our students even after they land in the country of their choice. Right from helping them with their accommodation to helping them out with PR visas, we are a partner in the success of our students.