June 28, 2019


Studying abroad is a really cool idea but how do you decide which country do you want to visit? Do you base such an important life decision on what people tell you? Or do you simply watch TV and find a particular country attractive and start basing your dreams on it?

In India, the youth wants to get a better future and settle abroad, but they need a little help in figuring out which is the right country for them to go to. This is because the internet gives students these days so much information that they get confused and often don’t have a particular direction to work towards.

This is why, our experts here at Rao Consultants offered to give you a basic road-map to begin with. Here are 5 important questions that you should ask before you settle on a country for your future.

  1. What is my end goal?

The first and foremost thing that you should think about is to make sure that you have outlined your final objectives. Why are you planning to go abroad? Do you want to go because there are some good colleges over there or are you simply mystified by the lifestyle?

Whatever your reason is, it is very important to first identify it and then base your research on the answer. There is no point in going through endless searches only to find out in the end that what you did in fact find doesn’t serve your purpose or justify your requirements.

  1. Am I eligible for a particular country?

Say you have settled on the big question of where to go. Don’t just start preparing your paperwork just yet. Wait on and put in some research in identifying whether you are in fact eligible for the country or not. Each country has its own set of immigration rules. You will have to check whether the rules of that country are in your favor or not.

  1. What do I have to do to build my application stronger?

First, make a list of all the things that help in building a point scale. Then add the total of existing points that you can garner based on your age, qualification and so on and so forth. Now, prepare a list of all the things for which you don’t have points or have very few.

This will help you start planning on how to build up your points score. For example, if language proficiency is an area of concern, then try to put your energies in the direction of working for IELTS and getting the highest score there. This will give you a good amount of points which will add to your overall point score.

  1. What kind of climate can I survive?

While it is very exciting to look at pictures of snow clad mountains or orange deserts, living in such conditions might be something extremely different. So, make sure that you understand the location and the climatic conditions of the place.

Please note that going abroad to study involves a lot of expenditure. If you go there once only to realize that you probably can’t live there because of physical conditions, not only will you have incurred a big financial loss, but you will also be extremely disappointed and disheartened.

  1. Will I be able to work there?

Some countries have very strict laws on allowing foreign students getting a job. This is why you have to identify whether you have enough financial capability to bear the cost of living in that country with the limited hours of work that you can do there.

If not, then perhaps it will help if you choose a country with a relatively lower cost of living so that you can manage to live happily there.

Get advice from an expert consultant at RAO Consultants

We understand that taking this decision is a big thing. We believe in your dreams and want to be able to make the process as simple as possible. So, when you speak to our consultant, just make sure that you tell us in detail about everything that you want.

We always focus on being able to provide our clients with enough guidelines, advice and practical options that they can make an informed choice. We also assist them in building their applications in a way which makes their profile very strong.

We have over 17 years of experience in helping our clients to study, settle and travel abroad.

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