Canada Highlights a New Mark- Increases Work Hours for Students!


May 22, 2024

Canada Highlights a New Mark- Increases Work Hours for Students!

Canada has made yet another advantageous move to allow international students to work off-campus up to 24 hours per week, up from the previous cap of 20 hours per week. This change will last forever and start happening this fall.

Going from 20 hours of off-campus work to 24 hours might not seem like a big change, but it means that students and companies can work together for three shifts instead of two. Because many shift-based jobs have a seven- or eight-hour rotation, companies may not want to hire and teach new people who can only work two shifts a week.

The increase to 24 hours of off-campus work per week tips the scales in favour of three shifts per week. This could make more businesses willing to hire student workers, which could mean more money for those workers to help pay their Canadian International Student tuition fees.

The choice to make this change was made after a lot of thought. Things like average shift lengths and research showing that long work hours hurt academic performance were considered. Researchers have found that working more hours while studying is linked to worse grades and more students dropping out.

Canada is dedicated to giving international students a balance between academic excellence and financial aid because they are aware of these risks.

Why the 24-Hour Work Limit is in Place?

Marc Miller says that the 24-hour work week, which is made up of three shifts of eight hours each, strikes a good balance that doesn’t have a big effect on academic success. This is in line with the main idea behind the foreign student program, which is that studying should come before work.

Miller knows that foreign students have trouble with money, but he stresses how important it is to look out for their financial well-being.

What Does This Mean for International Students Who are Already There?

Since this new law won’t go into action until the fall of 2024, people who are studying in Canada right now will have to follow the rules that are already in place for working as international students in Canada. Yes, up to 20 hours a week during school terms and full-time during breaks.

What does This Mean for People Who Want to Study Abroad in the Future?

This new rule means that people who want to Study in Canada can work up to 24 hours a week while they are in school. This may not seem important, but it will help you make more money to pay for your school. As an example, look at Ontario. For people in Ontario who make the minimum wage, this would add up to about $2,000 in extra pay over the school year.

How Does This Fit in With Other Places?

Different countries often have rules about how many hours foreign students can study during school breaks. In the US and Canada, studies have shown that kids did worse in school when they worked more than 28 hours a week.

A new rule for foreign students in Australia lets them work 48 hours every two weeks. In the US, students have to meet extra requirements before they can work off campus, and even if they do, they can only work 20 hours a week. While they are in school, foreign students in the UK can only work 20 hours a week.

Will International Students Still be Able to Work Full-Time During Breaks Now That They can only Work 24 Hours a Week?

If you are a foreign student during the school year, you can only work 24 hours a week. It is still possible for international students to work full-time during school breaks.

More Changes for International Students’

The changes to work hours off campus are just one part of a bigger plan to make the foreign student program better. Canada is working hard to make progress with partners in the provinces and territories, and changes have been made to off-campus work hours.

A framework for recognized institutions has also been put in place to reward post-secondary schools that go the extra mile to help foreign students.

Canada is showing that they want the foreign student program to succeed by making these changes. They are also taking strong steps to make the program better for everyone involved.

In Conclusion,

Canada making such big moves for international students is nothing short of impressive for everyone. For those who are willing to move to Canada to study- it is an out-and-bright opportunity.

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