At Rao Consultants, our team keeps close tabs on the various scholarships and bursaries offered by universities and colleges around the world. There are a number of scholarships available for talented students, it is all a question of finding and making the most of them. We provide end-to-end scholarship assistance, be it government scholarships or trust scholarships from India and abroad. Right from applying for the scholarships to organising the documents for the same, we help students make an effective application for the scholarships. Most scholarships are merit based, however, we also identify the ones which fit best with the parameters of the students and help them apply for these.

We always advise students that if they want scholarships they need to prepare early. If students put in enough efforts and if their academic records are up to scratch they can even get a full scholarship for themselves. We always want to try and secure the maximum possible scholarship for our students. These scholarships are usually given at the discretion of the scholarship committee of the university or the organisation granting them.

Here are the major types of scholarships that students can usually apply for:

Merit Scholarship – Students who excel academically are the best suited for these type of scholarships. They are awarded on the basis of the student’s overall academic performance and achievements.

Need-Based Scholarships – These scholarships are designed specifically to help fund the academic dreams of the less-fortunate students. These scholarships have very specific criterion that differ from organisation to organisation.

Athletic Scholarship – These scholarships are given to star athletes by some universities that want them to play for their teams. Many athletes are often given a full scholarship and complete their education free of charge.

School-Based Individual Scholarships – Each school offers their own specific range of scholarships that are relevant to the university in terms of donors, individual name scholarships, personal scholarships, and so on.

Full/Partial Scholarship – Most students are given partial scholarship that usually cover simply the living costs, or just the book costs or just a part of the tuition fees. Full scholarships are those that cover the entire spectrum of expenses a student may incur during their tenure at the university.

Get in touch with our advisors to find out which institutions offer scholarships.

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