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What is CELPIP?

Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) is an English Language evaluation test conducted by Paragon Testing Enterprises, a subsidiary of the University of British Columbia (UBC), in order to measure listening, reading, writing and speaking skills of the candidates taking the test. The CELPIP test format typically comprises of two kinds of the CELPIP test and both are totally computer based offering the test takers a convenient and reliable testing experience.

* CELPIP General
*CELPIP General LS

CELPIP General

This test assesses the interviewees in all four areas of the test i.e. reading, writing, listening and speaking.

  1. This test is considered by the candidates applying for permanent residency in Canada under various categories such as Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Start-up Visa Program as well as Provincial Nominee Programs.
  2. CELPIP General Test is also apt for the ones seeking professional designation or employment.
  3. It is recognised and approved by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory council and the Real Estate Council of British Columbia.
  4. CELPIP General takes nearly 3 hours of time to finish and can be completed in one go without any distinct speaking module test.


This test scrutinises the practical speaking and listening aspect and proficiency of the applicants.

  1. It is appropriate for the individuals who wish to apply for Canadian Citizenship.
  2. CELPIP-General LS is accepted by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  3. The test accounts for approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes without any distinct speaking module test.


The listening part of the test takes about 47-55 minutes inclusive of the time needed for going through the instructions. There are 7 tasks in this section.

Task 1: Practice Task
Task 2: Problem Solving
Task 3: Daily Life Conversation
Task 4: Listening for Information
Task 5: Listening to a News Item
Task 6: Listening to Discussion
Task 7: Listening to Viewpoints

The reading part of the test takes about of 55-60 minutes including the time required to go over the instructions. There are 5 tasks in this section.

Task 1: Practice Task
Task 2: Reading Correspondence
Task 3: Reading to Apply a Diagram
Task 4: Reading for Information
Task 5: Reading for Viewpoints

The writing part of the test takes about 53-60 minutes including the time needed to go through the instructions. There are 2 tasks in this section.

Task 1: Writing an e-mail
Task 2: Responding to Survey

This part of the test takes about 15-20 minutes along with the time needed to go through the instructions included. There are total 8 tasks in this section.

Task 1: Giving advice
Task 2: Talking about a personal experience
Task 3: Describing a scene
Task 4: Making Predictions
Task 5: Comparing and Persuading
Task 6: Dealing with a difficult situation
Task 7: Expressing your opinion
Task 8: Describing an unusual situation

Few important points to keep in mind while taking the CELPIP Exam

  • The order of the CELPIP test format is as follows:
    • Listening
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Speaking
  • You cannot go back once you move ahead to the next section
  • You are allowed to take notes with a pen and a paper
  • You will listen to the audio clips only once
  • The writing section has a spell-checker as well as a word-counter.
  • Try to keep your voice to a minimum during the speaking section as there will be other test takers in the same room with you.


The CEPIP test score calculator perfectly guides you to determine how much you need to score in the each module to achieve the maximum score in the CELPIP Exam.

Listening score

CELPIP level         listening score/38

10-12                       35-38

   9                            33-35

   8                            30-33

   7                            27-31

   6                            22-28

   5                            17-23

   4                            11-18

   3                            7-12

  M                            0-7

Reading score

CELPIP level        Reading score/38

10-12                      33-38

   9                           31-33

   8                           28-31

   7                           24-28

   6                           19-25

   5                           15-20

   4                           10-16

   3                           8-11

  M                          0-7

Writing score

Scoring parameters               Features

Cohesion/Coherence            Number of ideas

                                                   Quality of ideas

                                                   Well organisation of the ideas

                                                   Appropriate use of example to support 

                                                   the ideas

Lexical Resource                     Vocabulary choice

                                                   Proper application of phrases and words

                                                   Accuracy and Precision

Readability/Legibility           Correct Format and paragraphing

                                                   Use of connectors

                                                   Smooth transition

                                                   Grammar, spelling and punctuation

Task Achievement                 Word count




Speaking Score    

Scoring Parameters             Features

Coherence/Cohesion           Number of ideas

                                                 Quality of ideas

                                                 Proper organisation 

                                                 Use of examples

Vocabulary                            Choice of words

                                                Wide range of words and phrases


Listenability                         Intonation and pronunciation 

                                               Grammar and sentence formation

                                               Variety of sentence usage

Task fulfilment                   Relevance




Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CELPIP test more difficult than IELTS?

Since both these tests assess the English level proficiency, both fall under the same difficulty level apart from their distinct structures. If you are fluent enough and well prepared either of the tests is good. However, if you require CELPIP Coaching in Ahmedabad or even online CELPP coaching need not bother because the best CELPIP Exam coaching centre in Ahmedabad near you is where you need to drop by.

How much does the CELPIP test cost?

The exam fee for CELPIP is CAD$340 i.e. 340 Canadian dollar in Dubai. However, the test fee for India hasn’t been announced by the testing authority yet but we presume it to be somewhere around INR 12,000. Do keep an eye on the official test website for latest updates regarding fees.

Where can I take the CELPIP test?

The CELPIP Exam centres are available in Canada, India, the USA, the UAE, the Philippines. But if you are looking for the CELPIP Exam centre in Ahmedabad and the CELPIP exam dates in Ahmedabad, you can dial CELPIP exam contact number 079 67444444 or visit https://www.raoconsulatnts.com. For an extensive list of cities, visit the official CELPIP website: www.celpip.ca/take-celpip/where-do-we-test/

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