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Recent Manitoba PNP Invited 315 Fresh Candidate Applications for PR


May 7, 2022

Recent Manitoba PNP Invited 315 Fresh Candidate Applications for PR

On 5th of May, 2022, Manitoba PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) gave off a total of 315 Letters of Advice to Apply (LAA) under three diverse categories of provincial nominee program (PNP). Of all the LAAs sent, 249 went to the candidates of Skilled Workers in Manitoba category with a score of 651 or more. In comparison with the last MPNP draw, the minimum score declined by 56 points. So far the least cut off score happened to be 459 points in January 13 MPNP draw.

Out of the remaining LAAS, only 32 were assigned to International Education Stream Candidates, whereas 34 LAAs were given to Skilled Worker Overseas candidates with a score of 691 and above under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative. Lastly, 48 LAAs were also issued to verified Express Entry profiles (FSW, FST, or CEC candidates).

About the Skilled Workers in Manitoba Category:

  • Under this Category, the candidates who have a long-term full-time job offer from an employer of Manitoba can be eligible for permanent residency. This includes having finished a minimum of six months of full-time work with that company as a provisional foreign employee or a foreign student working graduate.
  • The candidates who are not eligible for this category are Self-employed individuals, business proprietors, owner-operators and individuals offering services like independent contractors.
  • In case you passed out from a post-secondary program in a province other than Manitoba, you should initially have been working under a Manitoba employer for a minimum of one year prior to applying.

About International Education Stream Category:

  • The Graduate Internship Pathway which requires candidates to possess either a doctoral or master’s degree program from Manitoba in the previous 3 years’ time. However, a job offer is not mandatory for this.
  • The Career Employment Pathway which requires candidates to be graduated in the previous 3 years from a D.L.I along with a year of full-time work offer.
  • The International Student Entrepreneurship Pilot which requires candidates to have a full-time post-secondary program from Manitoba with a duration of minimum 2 years. Also it is mandatory for the candidates to be 51% owner in a Manitoban business and actively working as a senior manager for the previous six months in advance to applying.

Language proficiency of CLB 7 is required to apply.

About Skilled Workers Overseas Category:

  • In order to apply for this category, applicants must showcase an reputable link to Manitoba via
  1. The assistance of friends or family members
  2. Former education or work experience within the province
  3. An ITA received straight from the MPNP as a subset of the Strategic Recruitment Initiative

Distinct to this, applicant should have a minimum score of 60 points on    the basis of the five selection factors

Why Can’t I apply to the Manitoba PNP?

People with constraints mentioned below are not eligible to apply for MPNP:

  • Live-in caregivers presently residing in Canada
  • Non-permanent international workers currently living and working in a province apart from Manitoba
  • Partners or better halves of Canadian citizens or those with PR status
  • Refugee applicants or the ones into in a federal appeal or removal process
  • Individuals with a rejection from MPNP within previous six months’ time unable to provide an appropriate reason behind refusal
  • Candidates with an active immigration application with a different provincial immigration program or federal immigration program in Canada

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