The Rao Consultants is widely acknowledged as the foremost immigration and non-immigration visa consultants in western India. The company has, for years, been helping professionals migrate to countries around the world. Countries around the world are regularly updating their immigration rules and regulations. The Rao Consultants, and its team of highly experienced professionals, are always abreast of these changes. The team takes great pains to ensure that we are only providing our clients the most updated and latest information.

Immigrant Visa

We help clients obtain their immigration visa which is essential for someone to move and start a new life in another country. Obtaining an immigration visa takes a lot of paperwork for an individual to manage by themselves. Having an immigrant visa allows you to travel the country of your choice and even apply for a permanent residency. One needs to have all their documentation handy and to be timely and alert in terms of making sure the application is not delayed.

Non-Immigration Visa

Along with an immigrant visa, the Rao Consultants also helps clients apply for non-immigration visa. This type of visa comes in handy for a variety of purposes. A non-immigrant visa is usually issued for a temporary stay and comes in handy for travelers, athletes, musicians and others who regularly need to travel abroad. These visas have a strict timeline and if one doesn’t adhere to it they can be criminally prosecuted. There are a different set of regulations for each purpose assigned to a non-immigration visa. These norms need to be adhered to quite strictly if one intends to secure such a visa. It is in this process that the Rao Consultants comes aces and ensures that you are able to secure your visa without fuss.

Ancillary Visa Services

We also offer comprehensive services to help you create a bullet-proof passport application. An efficient passport application at no extra charges ensures that you have your passport on hand when you need it. Over and above this we also work with providing clients with visa extension services. This process requires timeliness and delays will hurt your chances of getting a visa extension. We, at Rao Consultants, ensure that you get your visa extension on time.

We also help clients secure an Overseas Citizenship of India. This process has a number of stringent rules and laws, which we at Rao Consultants are highly conversant with. We are also highly proficient with conducting a credential evaluation for those hoping to go study abroad or professionals desirous of immigrating. Citizens who are returning to India need to show their Resident Return Visa, which is another thing that we at the Rao Consultants help you secure.

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