This form of Non-Immigration Visa is the best gateway for businessmen and investors to take their businesses abroad and spread their scope to foreign shores. There are different norms in each country for granting this particular format of visa. The business person needs to disclose the amount of time they are intending to spend in the country and this needs to be adhered to strictly. There are, however, fair chances of your application of an extension to be accepted.

Startups, or high potential ventures often need to spread the word of their business and innovative ideas around the world in order get the maximum possible traction. This is exactly why entrepreneurs and investors require a visa specific to their requirements. If you are looking to set up a business abroad, if you are looking to invest in a business abroad, in both these cases you need an investor visa.

The applicant also needs to submit a very particular set of documents and have a number of pertinent permissions. The interview is the final stage of obtaining this type of Non-Immigrant Visa. Different countries grant permissions for different durations under this visa. New Zealand, for example, offers the Entrepreneur Visa for six months to two years. The holder can later apply for residency under the entrepreneur residence category.

Investor/Entrepreneur visas are particularly geared towards attracting skilled migrants who can set up profitable businesses in host countries. These visas are heavily supported by countries around the world because these individuals are seen as people who are going to invest in the communities they inhabit and do business in. Every country looks forward to the prospect of having more successful businesses starting in their cities. It is not just the perspective of having a profitable business in the nation but also the increased prospect of employment these businesses provide that attracts countries. Increased employment, profit making businesses, these are some of the things that every nation wants. Countries like the UK require you to have proof that you have access to about 200,000 pounds of investment capital before you can start the business or gain an Investor/Entrepreneur Visa.

Applicable to:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
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