Those individuals who are visiting the destination country for only a limited period of time are obligated to obtain a Non-Immigrant Visa before their departure. This sort of visa can be obtained for a variety of purposes including travel, visiting family, work, etc. This type of visa is essentially meant for a temporary residence in the country. There are a number of checks and balances that are required to be fulfilled before one is granted a Non-Immigrant Visa. The validity of the individual’s intent, their purpose are just a couple of things that are checked elaborately before such a visa can be issued.

There are various types of Non-Immigrant Visas and each has a particular set of forms and permissions that need to be procured. There are also interviews that will be conducted to ensure that the individual’s intent of obtaining such a visa is clear. This is a long, time-consuming process that needs the hands of a professional to avoid mistakes and maximize the chances for success. Each country has a different deadline for different forms of these visas and this should be checked thoroughly before hand. There are norms for extending these visas under certain circumstances, these circumstances and laws regarding extensions are best explained by our experienced professionals at Rao Consultants.

Individuals visiting the country for work or even vacations are required to obtain this type of visas. Athletes, exchange students, business visitors, government officials, each have a different purpose for obtaining this type of visas and countries assign different norms to these purposes. These norms need to be strictly adhered to and any miss is very strictly viewed. Filling the forms might raise a lot of questions in the mind of the applicant and need to be answered before the form is perfectly filled. Things like having an immigration petition on file is not a disqualification of a Non-Immigrant Visa, timely payment of the fees, or even the simple process of checking the status of your visa application online requires a lot of attention to detail. For this reason it is crucial to have a professional from Rao Consultants assist you in the filling of these forms to ensure that there is no confusion.

Reissuing Non-Immigrant & Visitor Visas on time is essential for those who want to extend their stays for specific reasons. This process is long and involves a lot of form-filling and even appearing for an interview. It is important that you have a professional in your corner during this process so as to not falter at any step. It is important to keep hand the letter of your sponsor and the guarantee of return to ensure that the process goes off without a hitch.

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