Rao Consultants is home to an unparalleled bouquet of services when it comes foreign education, immigration or IELTS and other FGCE coaching. While all these services were originally started out as companies under the aegis of the Rao Consultants, they have now been consolidated into one single force to be reckoned with. All of these services are available in one location – the headquarters of Rao Consultants. Located on the prime Gujarat University road in Ahmedabad, each set of services occupies a different floor of the building, making availing them that much easier.

At Rao Consultants, our desire is to make sure that we provide multiple services to one client. We are not in the business of overloading our plate with a number of clients but instead hope to inspire repeat business. Something that we have been very successful at thanks to the quality of services that we provide.

We work with a team of over a hundred dedicated and highly proficient individuals. Not only are they highly accomplished in what they do, they believe in the cause that Rao Consultants embrace – Bridging India Internationally. Read further about the companies and services under Rao Consultants to know more.

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