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Students in Australia allowed additional hours to alleviate the work shortage


January 28, 2022

Students in Australia allowed additional hours to alleviate the work shortage

Australian Government offers temporary relaxations for student visa holders regarding work limits across all the economic sectors. This will straightaway take effect for all the ongoing students & new arrivals who want to start a job earlier to the commencement of the course. Hence, every student in Australia can work more than 40 hours while studying in any sector of the economy that also includes secondary applicants. Student visa holders can fill the shortages of workers in the sectors affected by Omicron. However, this is a short-term arrangement & the Australian Government will review it by April 2022.

Moreover, in case any holder of a student visa is traveling to Australia between 19th January to 19th March 2022, then they will be qualified for the refunds of charges of visa applications. Moreover, a student can apply for a refund until 31st December 2022.

Important details for student visa holders

Although the Australian Government is offering the relaxation in the number of hours that you can work, it is the responsibility of every student to maintain the balance in study & work commitments. Every student must fulfill the requirements-

  • While working, a student must maintain enrolment, of course.
  • Make sure that you satisfy the course attendance.
  • The candidate must pay attention to the course program.

In case any international student cancels their enrollment & isn’t attending the classes regularly or fails to meet the progress of the course, then they could be in breach of their visa conditions. However, just in case any student is already working or has a job offer in any critical sector & you have completed your course, then you are entitled to the subclass 408 visa. Remember that you can apply for the visa only 90 days before your student visa expires.

Work requirements in Australia

The majority of the nurses, aged care workers & other staff have been already working at a higher intensity during COVID-19. All the Australians are thankful for their efforts. The Government of Australia is also working very hard to eradicate the pressure,” claims Health and Aged Care Minister Greg Hunt. In addition, convenience stores & fuel stations are also employing international students to work late-night & part-time shifts.