Every single service provided under Rao Consultants is a part of a wide array of services we provide as a company. These services are interlinked so as to provide maximum convenience to our clients. We have always made the client’s comfort and ease of doing business with us a priority and this is reflected amply in the services we provide.

Be it something like foreign education services or immigration consultation, we know that these services are inherently connected. We appreciate the need to provide these connected services in one location so as to reduce the pressure of dealing with multiple parties on the part of the client. Moreover, we also have a range of post-visa services that ensure that even after the client lands in the country of their choice they do not feel out-of-place.

These services are designed so as to provide our clients the maximum possible comfort. We understand that going abroad can be a taxing effort. We make it a point to make this process as smooth and simple as possible. Be it helping students in choosing the right college, or helping them find accommodation when they reach there; be it helping prospective immigrants create the perfect visa application to ensuring they have a pick up when they reach the destination country; we leave no stone unturned in helping our clients.

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