Never has the human world been so interconnected in the history of the planet. We have ensured that technology and human curiosity have connected businesses, people, governments, and yes, education as well. This global community has only gone to increase the importance an international qualification for students. An international degree, today, more than ever before, makes an individual more viable for the job market and makes them compete effectively.

India, today, has the largest diaspora population in the world. With over 15 million people from India living abroad, the numbers are only set to increase with time. The Indian community is spread across all major regions of the world. All indications point towards an increase in the mass movement of students and professionals between countries.

A large percentage of the Indian diaspora that have gone abroad are students. Today there are almost 6 lakh Indian students studying abroad. This increase movement of Indians abroad has brought Indian customs and traditions to the world. It had made quintessentially Indian values and ethics a common place tradition in countries around the world. Asian students, in all, make up for more than 53% of all students studying abroad.

Today, India represents the biggest youth populations in the world. Most of these students aspire to earn a foreign degree to set them apart from the throng. Countries around the world have recognized the opportunity offered by this trend. The idea of inviting fresh talent, nurturing it and the sheer amount of business opportunities it generates is unprecedented. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of these huge numbers of students are able to realize their dreams of studying abroad.

The lack of conversions in the number of students aspiring to go abroad and those that are able to points at a gaping lack of interface between students and education providers. We, Rao Consultants, work as market facilitators who enable students and professionals to seek quality education and a successful career abroad. We play the role of a medium for people to achieve what they have been dreaming of so far. We provide the right path to those seeking for a way to live their dreams of being global citizens. We are merely that final deciding push for people to achieve their destiny.

To further this task we have set for ourselves we work tirelessly to improve awareness on courses, colleges, destination countries, visa formalities and immigration procedures for students. We provide all our clients 360-degree support to not only reach foreign shores but also after they have landed there. This is facilitated further by providing foreign institutions and organisations of education better penetration on Indian soil and putting them in touch with desirous students.

We believe this is only a humble duty on our part to help Indians achieve their dreams of a better tomorrow through quality education. We are doing out bit to help and empower Indians to shape the world of tomorrow. We want to reach those around the world in need for the many services we provide at Rao Consultants. Through all of this, we continue to maintain the high standards of service that the company has come to be known for in India and around the world.

Mrs. Urmila Rao
Director, Rao Consultants

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