Rao Consultants has given me and my team a platform to prove ourselves, to showcase our skills and help nurture a culture of greatness. The company has, over time, groomed us both professionally as well as personally. When the company was incepted we had a vision to be the best in the industry while keeping true to ethical business practices. Today we are a part of that proud tradition we began more than fifteen years ago. Our thousands of happy clients spread across the globe attest to this.

Rao Consultants always wanted to be a pathbreaker for every individual who walks into your premises. With the myriad services we offer at Rao Consultants and our marcom enterprise Hue, our aim is to take India abroad and, at the same time, bring the world to India.

We live in an era where an internet connection is as important as a glass of water to us. It is our attempt to adapt to the frequent and wide ranging changes in the industry and be more proactive with our services. It is this ability to adapt, and quickly at that, which has made Rao Consultants such a force to be reckoned with in the industry. We provide our clients with international standards of services, services that are as diverse as they are focused in terms of what they want to achieve.

We are conscious of the standard operating procedures that need to be followed at each step. It is this adherence to processes and systems that ensures a high standard of service to our clients. This facilitates the collective efforts of all our teams to make sure that we are the first choice for everyone who wishes any of the services of our particular industry. We empower all our employees with the ability to make decisions and eliminate red tape to make the group perform and serve at a higher standard than our competitors.

We firmly believe in doing more for the same customer rather than going overboard and pitching for more and subsequently crowding our plates. Customer satisfactions ranks right up there on our priority list. We want to change lives, we want to help provide a future for our clients that they can be proud of. This is only possible if we are completely honest and transparent in our operations. This is exactly why we have all the services operating out from the same premises. Not only does it ensure a streamlined service offering but also reduces any to and fro on the part of the client.

We always bring a realistic, pragmatic and practical approach to business. This reflects not only in our presentation of the company but also of every single employee working with us. We have a highly proficient communications team working at Rao Consultants that ensure the work is managed in a way to produce the best possible results.

The business we have developed has been a result of a united effort by the team. The dedication and energy of the team has propelled the company to becoming the first choice for foreign education, immigration and ancillary services in this industry. The direction of the company has always been due north, and this has been reflected in our growth chart. Our team is our greatest asset, and we could not be more proud to have such a wonderful group of people working with us.

Mr. Amit Rao
Director, Rao Consultants

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