A visitor visa can have a variety of purposes that can range from getting medical treatment, for short term business purposes or even for leisure. The purpose of this visit, however, needs to be made amply clear. The individual also needs to show clear intent of returning to the country of origin once the purpose of the visit is served. The visitor visa has a strict deadline and the applicant may also have to specify exactly the amount of time they will be spending in the country.

The US, for example, has two categories under the visitor visa B1 and B2. Each country has its own unique specifications and norms regarding the visa and should be approached under expert guidance. The applicant must explain the purpose of their visit in great detail while also providing the required documents, reference letters, and an undertaking of return. Depending upon the country, the duration of the visa changes, this is also heavily dependent upon the application and the nature of the visit. The regulations of the country regarding this visa need to be carefully acknowledged and adhered to if one wants their application to be processed smoothly.

It is ideal to plan the reissuing of your visa or an extension of your trip in advance, the possibility should always be kept in mind to avoid last minute hassles. There are some countries that require you to travel back to your country of origin and come back before you are granted a renewal. To avoid such a situation it is important to plan your visitor visa and trip in a timely fashion. Plan your travel itinerary in accordance with the amount of time you are expecting to spend in the country. Renewals are tricky and should be approached only under careful guidance of the professionals at Rao Consultants.

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