Any immigrant settled abroad can invite their family member over, in certain cases. The family member(s) can claim their immigration rights through the Family Based Immigrant Visa. This visa is usually available to direct family members, and in the case of a few specific countries, to certain distant relationships and family members.

The individuals who can make the most this visa type are spouses, unmarried children, adopted children, etc. that have a permanent resident vouching for them. There is a considerable time duration that goes into applying and obtaining this type of visas. This process has a large amount of documentation, forms and applications that need to be filled out and submitted over and above a comprehensive interview.

Many people usually struggle with getting their dependents come live them in the country of their choice.  The Family Based Immigrant Visa requires a lot of long hours as well as tiresome filling of umpteen forms and getting a large number of documents in order. For the dependents applying for such a visa it is essential that they have a direct family member who has a permanent residency of the country.

It is important that one takes professional help for the process of this visa. The documents, essential paperwork, interviews and other procedures need a lot of detailed checking and knowledge, all of which we provide here at Rao Consultants. Each country has a specific list of dependents it allows a permanent resident to have over.

In case you have a family, spouse or children in the country of your origin you can use the Family Based Immigrant Visa to come to where you are staying. The destination country of your dependents will have a certain set of laws and norms that will need to be followed. Things like the duration of the trip of your dependents, whether or not they are able to work in the country, are a couple of the many norms that need to be carefully checked. It is very important to be clear on these laws to avoid a rejection of the visa or having one revoked when your dependents are already there. This makes it all the more important for applicants to go through professional help when applying for a Family Based Immigrant Visa.

Applicable to:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
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