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Rao Consultants Private Limited® is the leader in western India in providing guidance on worldwide immigration solutions. We have helped our clients to settle in their dream destinations like Canada,USA, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Rao Consultants Private Limited is built on a heritage of delivering quality because of the industry information, world-class infrastructure and complete updated guidance on settlement services. Rao Consultants Private Limited deals in all types of visa consultancy and assistance in visa application and documentation. The company also offers value-added services like air ticketing, travel and health insurance as well as post-landing services like airport pick-ups, accommodation and job assistance.

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pr visa
Permanent Residency Visa

Each country follows a different set of norms when it comes to granting permanent residency to applicants.

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family based
Family Based Immigrant Visa

This form of a visa allows a family member of an individual settled abroad to claim their immigrant rights.

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visitor visa
Visitor Visa

A visitor visa can have any purpose, ranging from acquiring medical treatment to business or even leisure.

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business visa
Business Visa

A business visa helps an individual gain entry to the country of their choice, albeit for a limited period of time, for work purposes.

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student visa
Student Visa

This kind of visas are granted to aspirants hoping to study in the country of their choice.

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dependent visa
Dependent Visa

If an individual is legal resident of the country or, in some cases, has a legal non-immigrant status, he/she is allowed to apply for dependent visas for their nearest family members.

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investor visa
Investor/Entrepreneur Visa

An entrepreneur visa is a gateway for businessmen and investors to take their business abroad and spread their scope across another country.

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work permit
Work Permit Visa

A work permit visa grants an individual the permission to stay in a country and work for an employer there.

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