We are the most widely acclaimed and proficient foreign education consultancy in Western India. Based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, we provide our clients a balanced mix of services to help students achieve their foreign education dream. We do not believe in establishing a mere customer-client relationship, this, for us, is a long-term association mutually beneficial association.

The number of Indian students studying abroad has been rising steadily over the last decade. Today, over 5.5 lakh Indians are studying abroad. The sheer scale of possibilities a foreign education opens is unparalleled. We are one-stop education consultants. From career counselling to exam coaching, we provide you a comprehensive list of services that will help you achieve your foreign education dream.

The first step for us when you walk into our offices is to conduct a thorough assessment. Our highly experienced counsellors and consultants are well-versed with the changing norms and requirements of foreign education. Timeliness and clarity of purpose are the two essential pillars of achieving your foreign education dream. Our purpose is to help you with every step of the process to ensure a successful application.

We help you through every step of the process. We are right beside you when it is the question of choosing the perfect course, university and country for you. We ensure that there you don’t fall short of support in preparing your documents, ensuring that you have all your papers in order for the move. Our elite foreign going competitive examination training centre ensures that you are primed to get top scores in the relevant examination. We ensure that your visa application is prepared to perfection and has no gaping holes which may stall your process. Over and above that we also ensure that you are well-prepared for your visa interview.

Rao Overseas Consultancy boasts of a team with decades of experience dedicated to ensuring that you can study at your dream destination. We firmly believe that quality foreign education is something that should be available to everyone. To further this belief we offer several services and scholarships to deserving students. We assist students in figuring out the right bank loans and help them apply for the same. The application process is the one big task, but going abroad consists of a number of small hurdles as well. From picking the best possible flight plan, lodging arrangements, or even part-time jobs, we help you on all possible fronts to make sure your process goes smoothly and successfully.

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