There are a total of 29 countries in the world where French is conversantly used. A majority of European countries as well as Canada have a large population conversant in this language. This makes it very important to learn French if you are going to go to any one of these countries. French is known as the language of romance, but because of the sheer number of speakers who consider it a second language it has also become the language of business.

Individuals who are planning for a PR to Canada can even get extra points for showing proficiency in French. To understand more about the language, over and above the theory of it, there needs to be direct interaction and assimilation of the language through various means. We, at Rao Consultants, ensure that the teaching of French does not remain simply one-sided and have included various modules in it. From showcasing French films to suggesting books one could read in the language, we leave no stone unturned to make sure that the student is conversant in French.

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